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06 January 2009

Maps of War

There is a website called, Maps of War, that is absolutely fascinating. It is especially useful for any teacher teaching world history. In the site you will find animation that briefly shows the expansion of empires in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. In addition, there are animations depicting the history and expansion of religion across the world, which is essential to teaching world history. Beyond that, there are animations and links to describe a variety of historical warfare, from WWI to the Iraq War.

I first learned of this site from a social studies teacher at Liberty High School, where I student taught. I thought the animation, which I have included in this post, was so remarkable that I shared it with one of my college professors at William Jewell College, who teaches a survey course of Middle Eastern history. He responded to my e-mail by saying how much he enjoyed it and that he would be using it in class the next day. I know that I have not been a teacher for very long, but I know that this site has a lot of information to offer to students who are longing to learn from the technology they have been surrounded by since their birth.

I urge any social studies teacher or anyone who is curious to explore this site, I guarantee it will not be time ill spent. If you have seen this before or have used it in the classroom, please comment and tell me how you taught it. Thank you.

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  1. maps of war is truly a fascinating site must see