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22 December 2008

Batman Unmasked, The Psychology of The Dark Knight

I love movies, I love watching them, going to see them, and buying them. Recently, my wife, who I absolutely love, bought me a Blu-Ray player for my birthday/Christmas. In addition, she bought The Dark Knight, which is a fantastic movie if you've never seen it. While the movie is amazing, I am posting about the special features and specifically how they could be used in the classroom. If you teach Psychology, then I would recommend obtaining a copy of The Dark Knight special features. Why? Because they have included a segment that discusses the psychology of Bruce Wayne, Batman, and his enemies. They have provided clinical explanations for how traumatic events, like witnessing the murder of ones parents, can impact a ten year old. The producers progress into the fascinating psychology between split personalities of Wayne and Batman, to include an explanation of his enemies like the Joker, the Riddler, Two-Face, Catwoman, and the Penguin. It is about 38 minutes in length and I found it to be entertaining and educational. I have included a segment of Batman Unmasked, The Psychology of The Dark Knight to give you a preview of the feature. I hope you will find it as interesting as I have. I am not sure if this featurette is on the regular DVD, but I know it is on the Blu-Ray version.

I believe students would love to see how the psychologist, theories, and methods of the real world have broken down the psyche of the man that is Batman. Since our students are driven by technology, the media, and Hollywood, why not bring it into the classroom and learn while being entertained.

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