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18 December 2008

So It Begins

I just created a blog spot to use as a teacher in the future. I plan to use this for all my education success and defeats. I got the idea from searching for and reading other teachers web pages. I do not have a classroom of my own yet, but I figure, why wait? I graduated from William Jewell College this December and spent the last semester student teaching for Liberty Public School District in Liberty, MO., which is like a northern suburb of Kansas City. In addition, I just got hired as a substitute teacher for the district, which I hope will help get a full-time teaching job in the district when, and if, one opens.

My first day of student teaching was an exciting day, which seems so long. I woke up, got ready, had breakfast with my wife, Alexa, and headed for the door. As I was about to leave, Alexa said, "Stop! We have to get a picture of your first day of school." Reluctantly, I agreed and she snapped a quick picture on my way out the door. Not my finest moment, but I am glad she had the idea to capture that moment in history. Whatever else I may forget, I will never forget what I wore on my first day of student teaching.

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